FAQ Section

Get answers to frequently asked questions about ZEBOC

ZEBOCs servers are located in United States of America. All data and documents are stored in data centers located in United States. ZEBOC followscountry specific guidelines established by specific ...

ZEBOC is HIPPA complient platform. We take your privacy seriously. ZEBOC does not use or share any personal information outside the scope of our privacy statement.

ZEBOC allows you to charge patients using Stripe.com and at the same time maintain HIPAA-compliance. Collecting payments is excluded explicitly from HIPAA mandates, according to Health and Human ...

All data stored on ZEBOC servers is encrypted with state-of-the art algorithm.

ZEBOC works on any web browser. We do not require use of any proxy or firewall. If you are behind a firewall or a proxy and have trouble accessing ZEBOC.com, we recommand you contact ...

ZEBOC is a secure telemedicine software, which operates in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Yes, we designed the entire workflow of ZEBOC with HIPAA-compliance in mind. We ensured that there is no compromise when it comes to your privacy and security.

ZEBOC is a highly reliable telemedicine solution with encrypted chat and messaging options. It allows you to securely text Patient Health Information without violating HIPAA compliance.

Yes, ZEBOC stores complete recordings for upto 7 days in encrypted format. ZEBOC also stores voice-to-text transcript of the call as it is part of patients health record.